Let’s Market Your Artwork!


     Welcome to Marketing Artwork!  This site is dedicated to providing you with all the latest, greatest and successful ways to help you market your own artwork, whether it be in a more traditional form through art shows and exhibitions, or online with websites, utilizing social media or even email campaigns.  And because our name is Stock Photo Sellers, I’ll teach you how to sell stock photography and create your own stream of passive business income, as well!  You’ll find step-by-step instructions on everything from creating your own website to working with art gallery reps and everything inbetween.


Off Line Marketing Ideas…

     Even if you consider yourself an amateur photographer, you’ll find plenty of help within the pages of this website. The Toolbox tab has links to Fine Arts Shows, Educational Workshops, and more. Timely blog posts will encourage you with everything from inspirational books to information on how to handle business accounting, as well as how to brand yourself.


Online Marketing Ideas…

     Have you been thinking about creating your own website, but the task just seems too daunting?  Check out the series “Building Your Website” under the Online Marketing tab.  I’ll take you through the entire process in easy step-by-step instructions, breaking it down into manageable bites, so that you can have your own artistic online presence in a very short period of time.


Education, Resources and More…

     These are just a few of the many pages of useful information on all forms of marketing yourself and your work that are here at StockPhotoSellers.net, but I would suggest starting at the Your Host tab, so you can discover a little bit about me and why you should trust the information I’ve gathered for you here.  Then dive into the site and return often, as I am constantly adding more useful tips, connections, and learning experiences for both those who are more comfortable working in an off line environment, as well as those who want to jump into the online digital age with abandon!


     Just one more thing:  You will see that I use the words “artwork” and “photography” interchangably.  Let’s admit it – if you are a talented photographer, you are also an artist!  So many of the concepts and resources you’ll find here at Stock Photo Sellers can be useful to artists working in other mediums, as well.   If you find the information here helpful, pass the word on to your art friends who can benefit from it, too. You’ll find Facebook and Twitter buttons on every page, and if you like a particular “Photog Post” (this photographer’s Blog Post), there is a “Tweet” button at the end of every article, making it simple to share with your contemporaries. 


     It is my hope that you will find StockPhotoSellers.net a useful resource for your photography business.  Take a look around, and if you have suggestions for Phog posts, articles or resources, I’d love to hear them!  Just hit the “Contact Me” button floating on the left side of every website page here.  I look forward to creating an interactive community full of talented artists who are constantly learning more about their craft and themselves!



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